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Marcie Rothman believes that good, fast and satisfying food can be affordable... even on a pinched budget. If you buy smart, and cook with easy methods, you really can have a great dinner for $5 - no matter what the economy is doing. Marcie has studied with Wolfgang Puck and Ken Hom, and is a longtime member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Although the has had a lifetime love affair with fine cuisine, she recognizes that good food, artfully prepared doesn't have to be out of reach for people on a budget. Below is a brief list of her media presence and some sample interview questions.


Six-year local TV show on KOVR in Sacramento called "The 5 Dollar Chef."

Long-running one-hour food show on Sacramento radio station KSTE

Marcie has appeared on The Food Network, Caryl & Narilyn: Real Friends, TNN's Cookin' USA, The Home Show, and many other nationally televised programs.


* What do you mean by "The $5 Chef?
* How it is possible to make a meal for 4 for only $5 and serve something nutritious?
* What are your three best tips for saving money at the supermarket?
* What do you tell your audiences is the most important thing they need to remember when grocery shopping?
* I've seen a lot of books like yours. How is this one different?
* What level of cooking expertise is needed to make these recipes?
* Isn't it more expensive to cook with fresh foods instead of processed and fast foods?


The $5 Chef. How to Save Cash and Cook Fast.

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