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Unsure of How You'll Cook for Yourself Now That You've Left the Nest?

This is is the place for shopping tips, easy to prepare recipes and lots of great information to help you in the kitchen.

Here you’ll find such things as the most important kitchen tools you’ll want to use—pots, pans and gadgets—and do remember that not all are created equal. You’ll learn how to stock your kitchen with staples to always have on hand so you can get a meal on the table quickly and easily without a last minute trip the supermarket.

There are cooking tips and even a glossary of cooking techniques such as blanch--not your best friend—but a method of cooking vegetables for about 30 seconds in boiling water then cooling quickly in ice water. Ever wonder what flavors you can quickly add to a dish to give it some zip? It’s all right here in The Newlywed Gourmet along with some thoughts on managing portion sizes and simple ways to present food beyond just a plate or bowl.


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