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Marcie Rothman grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by good cooks, fresh seasonal produce, and hundreds of restaurants full of the ethnic cuisines that have inspired her throughout her long career. She has studied cooking with such notables as Wolfgang Puck and Ken Hom, and is a longtime member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the San Francisco Professional Food Society, Toastmasters International, and the International Slow Food Movement.

After reading a newspaper article in 1988, in which a well-known chef offered advice on how to cook on a budget, but used expensive ingredients to create complicated meals, she felt drawn to get involved in this burgeoning movement. Using skills she gained at an early job as an editor and fact-checker at New West Magazine, Rothman tirelessly combed through mountains of data from the US Department of Labor Statistics on family food budgets. When she knew the facts, she knew what she wanted to do next. The Five Dollar Chef was born.

The $5 Chef. How to Save Cash and Cook Fast.

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The $5 Chef
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Marcie Rothman
For twelve years, Rothman has impressed viewers of her weekly TV show "The $5 Chef" with her uncanny ability to put seasonal foods together into quick, delicious $5 meals. She also produced and hosted a live one-hour food show on Sacramento radio (KSTE) for nearly two years. She has shared her low cost shopping and cooking savvy nationally on television and radio, including The TV Food Network, Caryl & Marilyn: Real People, TNN's Cookin' USA, The Home Show and others. In Sacramento, she was a regular on KCRA (NBC) and appears occasionally on KMAX (UPN) and KOVR (CBS), and on radio and television in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and San Diego.

Rothman's no nonsense, common sense style of cooking and lively presentations have made her a sought-after lecturer for groups around the country. And long before it was fashionable, Marcie was regularly lecturing on how to read labels, cut salt, and use herbs and spices as flavor boosters at prestigious locales such as Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, The Palms in Palm Springs, and The Oaks at Ojai. She continues her to consult nationally, and regularly creates new recipes for Western Research Kitchens in Los Angeles. She periodically caters parties in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Marcie has a BA in Political Science from UCLA and completed the Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. She has extensive experience on the boards of non-profit organizations. She is an avid international traveler and amateur photographer.